WebCamp 2014

Whew, WebCamp 2014 is finally behind us. After working on this year's edition for more than six months, I feel really relieved that everything went smoothly.


Photo by: Neven Falica

As it seems to be the tradition with the WebCamp conference, the scope and the size were significantly smaller at the beginning. Our first plan was to try to repeat the success of the last year’s conference and do a one day event with the talks in Croatian. Somehow, over the next six months our appetite grew, and we ended up with the five days of activities which included two full days of conference and talks in English.

So, now after the conference is over, I’m really glad how everything worked out, and thankfully no one noticed that we don’t actually know what we’re doing :).


WebCamp is a conference that has a really strong community roots, and the community recognised this by helping to finance the conference through supporter packs. I want to thank all of you once again, because we wouldn’t be able to this without your support!

Since the first WebCamp conference, multiple new user groups started with the successful meetups and I hope that this year’s success will motivate even more people to join us in the activities during the rest of the year.

WebCamp wouldn’t exist without the effort of all the people that organise the meetups (and speak at them) over the year, and I’m glad we finally have a legal entity to support these activities. This year’s conference was the first one organised under the WebCamp non profit organisation which, besides organising the conference, will be used to support the community when needed.


Although this year’s conference was a success, there are always areas where we can do better. We don’t have plans to grow any further (although, who knows :)), so the next year will focus on the quality. I would personally like to see a mix of 45 min and 20 min talks which would enable us to have more in-depth themes while keeping the dynamic format.

Whatever will be the concept of the next year’s conference, I hope to see you all there, learning and growing as a community.

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