Yeoman generator for CanJS - v0.0.8

Today I've released a version 0.0.8 of the generator-canjs. It brings the support for the 2.1 release of CanJS, including the support for the can.stache template engine.

Template engines

CanJS comes with three template engines:

  • EJS - embedded JavaScript
  • Mustache - string based Mustache implementation
  • Stache - DOM based Mustache implementation

and all of these are supported by the require-can-renderers - used by the generator-canjs - which enables you to load them and build them seamlessly with the Require.js.

Less support

This version of generator-canjs brings the support for the LESS CSS preprocessor.

When you run the app generator it will create a style folder which will contain a style.less file. You can include less files generated by the component generator from this file, and when CSS gets built, all font and image paths will be correct.

You can use the grunt watch task to regenerate CSS on each .less file change.


generator-canjs will soon support the new version of Steal which brings support for AMD, Steal and ES6 modules. My goal is to make generator-canjs the best solution for generating and building CanJS projects.

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